• Wade

    Very interesting post. I’ve been diagnosed with Adult ADHD and have gone through the DSM IV and the Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Cognitive Abilities and the results showed major issues with my processing speed and synthetic/abject reasoning. However, other aspects of my IQ were quite impressive, one was up to 134.

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  • Bowlofcherries

    Thank you for this article. My son has been diagnosed with attention deficit. His working memory score is markedly lower than his other scores. In fact, his speed of processing score is 121, which, I gather, is perfectly respectable. As a result, he doesn’t qualify for extra time in exams, although I feel he needs extra time: whilst he often appears to be processing information quickly, his processing can be superficial and inaccurate. I’m not clear as to how the exam boards should be taking this into account, as it seems unfair that some of his classmates are receiving extra time whilst he is equally disadvantaged.