• mfox

    I was wondering if you know any studies being conducted on rebuilding or increasing executive function in epileptics, specifically in adult epileptics?
    M Fox

  • Jared Tanner

    I unfortunately am not aware of any studies but I’ll try to do a lit review and I’ll let you know. That’s an interesting topic. I have some ideas of what you could do to maybe bolster executive functioning but they are not supported by research as far as I know. If you are interested I could write a post about that.

    Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog.

  • Thierry

    Our adopted son was prenatally exposed to drugs and achohol. We are being told that has affected his executive function. It is being treated by the pedicatricn with medication for ADHD. A pychologist is also treating our son and trying to help him rebuild the connections therapeutically.

    Since this is similar to the last question posted could you address “repairing” executive function in general when you post on that topic? Thank you.

  • TeenMom

    My son is generally well adjusted with many friends, consistently tested with an IQ in the superior range. Yet he can not get up in the morning, complete homework, transistion or control impulses to do what is “fun/easy” vs. what’s necessary. We have implimented structure and schedules, timers, rewards, 5-minute warnings and punishments, but he still repeats the same patterns. Do you forsee any treatment in the near future that will directly address the neurological issues? Have dietary issues been studied? Is there anything else that we can do to help prepare him to succeed in a more competative and information-overloaded world?

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  • Thank you Mr. Tanner. I found your article helpful and understandable. My partner Jody is afflicted with Spinocerebellar ataxia. As her disabilities progressed, I researched what the scientists were discovering, which was limited. I have recently found valuable data from a 2011 study at Bonn University which was enlightening, confirming my own observations of Jody’s behaviour. As I mentioned, her ability to function effectively seemed to be diminishing, cognitively as well as physically (mobility and dexterity). Although inconclusive, the study indicated that some people with Jody’s dysfunction exhibited some impairment in their Executive functions. I now understand what is meant by the term. I appreciate the insight.