Optical Illusions That Make You Fatter and Your Wallet Lighter

“Eat from small plates, drink from taller glasses.” Optical illusions lead us to eat and drink more, as illustrated by the examples in this article. There’s an old saying in cuisine…”the first bite is with the eye.”

Interesting article. I’m not sure if there is empirical data to support it but it does show that our perception of our food can affect how much we eat. Our actions are affected by so many different things, many of which we might not be aware.

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The Threat of Obesity

The APA online linked to an article from the UK about the threat of obesity. With all of the recent news about climate change, some people are pointing out a threat that is as bad or worse than climate change: obesity. As a clinician I haven’t dealt with obesity issues (i.e., helping people with weight problems learn how to control their eating better) yet but it causes a lot of problems for people.

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Obesity Is As Serious a Threat As Climate Change, Says Minister

Alan Johnson, the Secretary of State for Health, warned yesterday
that Britain’s obesity crisis is as serious as climate change and
will demand a review into whether the current ban on junk food
advertising to children is tough enough.
The call for fresh restrictions on TV ads for junk food comes as
new government research reveals this week that half of all adults
could be clinically obese by 2050.

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