The Woman on the Bus

Yesterday I was riding the bus to campus and sat across from a woman with obsessive-compulsive disorder. At least, I believe she had the disorder. For at least 10 minutes she combed her hair in one spot on the back of her head. Over and over and over she combed. Occasionally she would switch hands but she kept combing for about 10 minutes. Then she stopped. It was so interesting to see these compulsions in real life. I’ve seen them in videos and read about them but hadn’t yet seen them in real life. It’s possible that she was just combing her hair or that she had a tic disorder that manifested itself through combing over and over but it sure looked like OCD. I really felt sorry for her. Sorry isn’t quite the right word but OCD is not easy to deal with. She didn’t even look like she really was paying attention to what she was doing – her movements were so robotic. Anyway, that was one interesting experience yesterday.

An introduction to paranoid schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a common (1% prevalence worldwide) and commonly misunderstood psychological disorder. Below is a link to a slide presentation I made about paranoid schizophrenia that I used in one of my classes. It is by no means comprehensive but should provide a decent introduction and overview of current beliefs concerning schizophrenia. Feel free to view it (Acrobat Reader is needed) for personal information but the material is copyrighted and is not intended for non-personal use. Please contact me if you would like to use some of the information for non-personal use.

Paranoid Schizophrenia slides

Also, here is a link to a pretty good video explaining schizophrenia: Video link