On Vacation

I will be on vacation for the next 1.5 weeks and will not be updating the blog. Please visit any of the other websites in my blogroll or feel free to read some of my old posts.


I’m in the midst of finals and will post when I’m able. Thanks for visiting the site. Please visit one of the other blogs in my blogroll. They are all excellent. I’ve also started writing some posts for BrainBlogger so I’ll have some articles appear over there.

Posts, website updates, and school

I’m in the process of redesigning the website. It might take me a month or two to complete as this is a very busy semester for me. I will try to keep posts coming but I probably can’t write more than one post per week between classes, research, clinic work, and family responsibilities (I’m the proud parent of two beautiful daughters and the proud spouse of one beautiful wife). Please be patient with the relative paucity of posts. Hopefully the newly redesigned page will be better than this one – that is the point of redesigning after all. I’m working on a Joomla-based site instead of WordPress (I have nothing against WordPress, I just wanted to try something new).

New Baby

My wife recently had a baby so I’ll resume posts in a few more days as we adjust to two children.

At a Conference

My blog has been stagnant for a week or so because classes started back up and I have been preparing to attend a conference out of the country. I probably won’t have time to write any posts for over a week. Sorry for the lack of posts; I’ll resume when I get back in town.

Here’s a link to the abstract of an interesting new research article (in JINS) about how working memory is affected by severe TBI: Link

At a conference

I just wanted to say that I’m at a conference in San Antonio, Texas for the next 5 days and might not be able to write any posts. Please visit the excellent sites in my Blogroll.