The Brain From Top to Bottom

Today I discovered an interesting site about the brain. From the site: Each currently available topic…takes you to several sub-topics, with 5 levels of organization and your choice of 3 levels of explanation.” You can choose the level at which you want the topics explained – basic to advanced. The site covers the topics: “From the Simple to the Complex,” “Memory and the Brain,” “Pleasure and Pain,” “Emotions and the Brain,” “Evolution and the Brain,” “Body Movement and the Brain,” “The Senses,” “Mental Disorders,” “How the Mind Develops,” “From Thought to Language,” “Sleep and Dreams,” and “The Emergence of Consciousness.” The last two topics have not been posted yet, however.

Here’s the link to The Brain From Top to Bottom

The site is simple and nicely organized. The information on it looks like it is accurate and, at the advanced level, seems like it is written at a High School or College level.

The site is published by The Canadian Institutes of Health Research and The Canadian Institute of Neurosciences, Mental Health and Addiction. It is available for free to the public and can be used however someone sees fit.

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